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  1. Hey Gabby
    I love your smurf that you have here. I can’t wait until I go see the movie,I’ve herd that it’s good. Do you want to see the movie?

  2. Hello Gabriella, I have looked at the picture of your smurf. Well done on creating such an interesting smurf. I have also put a smurf on my blog called Joseph Smurf. He likes to play soccer. He also talks.
    from Joseph

  3. Hello again, Gabby. This is Ross Mannell, your blog mentor.

    I love the girl Smurf hello. 🙂

    Firstly, let me apologise for not being able to make a second contact sooner. I work from a home network and had a major connection and upgrade problem keeping me off the internet for a week.

    Now for Challenge 1: All About You

    Activity 1: Write/update your ‘About’ page.
    I see you are using edublog. It doesn’t seem to have an “About Me” widget so you could post about yourself in the normal way you post on your blog. You could include answers to the next activity in your About Me post.

    Activity 2: Leave a comment to answer the questions.
    Why did you join the blogging challenge?
    What do you hope some of the activities include?
    Finally, what do you hope to get out of the challenge by the end of the ten weeks?

    Activity 3: Make an avatar.
    You seem to have an angel avatar already so this is done. 🙂

    Activity 4: Write a post describing your avatar.

    Activity 5: Visit 10 student blogs in the challenge where you have the same interests. There are links

    Activity 6: Write a tutorial post about creating your avatar

    These notes are also on my blog set up for this mentoring…


    You can add comments to ask me questions if you need help with anything. ☺

    Have fun blogging, Gabby.

    Ross Mannell (blog mentor)
    NSW Australia

  4. Hey Gabby,

    It’s really cool hearing your voice as a Smurf!
    You left a comment on my blog, so now its time for me to leave a comment on your blog! First of all, here is my answer to your comment:

    My favourite position is all the positions!
    I love center because, as you said you run around the most, but I also like the other positions too!
    Keep blogging,

    I love your blog! It’s really cool and I love all your posts and widgets! I see that there is only to weeks left till your birthday! Happy birthday in 2 more weeks 🙂
    Keep blogging!

  5. Hi Gabby, my name is Judith and I am living in Shanghai. I love the smurf and also you blog is so pretty and cool. I want to ask some few question, what is you favorite songs, favorite author,and what is your favorite colors and foods.
    Please come to my blog later because I didn’t wrote anything on my blog and my website is http://blogs.saschina.org/judith01pd2019/

  6. Gabby,

    I really really want to see the smurfs!!! I have never:( I really love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever seen the smurfs?( the movie) I hope you can visit my blog at: blogs.saschina.org/amanda01pd2020

    comment soon,


  7. Hey Gabby!

    I love your smurf widget!Also your pet dog is so cute and awesome! I wish I has a dog too bad for me I can’t my mom is scared of dogs!I wish you enjoy my blog!

  8. Dear Gabriella,
    Your smurf is very pretty.I hope you weren’t startled when the fire alarm went off because sometime when we have drills I get scared because it comes out of no where.Bye:)Comment me back.

  9. Your Smurf is very cool. You have a very fun blog. I am on the student blogging challenge too. Please visit my blog


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