The Lorax

Tomorrow our class and our buddy class, 2/3 F are going to the cinema to see The Lorax. It is an adaption of thye Dr. Seuss book The Lorax. At school We had to do a Think/see/wonder chart and a five w’s chart or a talk to the photo activity. For homework we have to draw a cover page on cartridge and then write a synopsis about the story.

The Weekend

On Friday my sister picked me up from school and took me home. Then on Saturday Mum, Jessica, Izaac and I went to toyworld.  Later in the day we went to the margate train lolly shop and bought pop tarts and lolly cables. Yummy!

my christmas presents

for Christmas i got an ipod touch, a twenty in one ipod touch accessories bundle,an itunes gift card, a typo calender, typo lanterns,decorate your own lanterns pack, reece mastin cd,reece mastin concert ticket, just dance 3 WII and more. (i just can’t think of the at this moment)